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AEWもビッグレジェンド スティングが引退し、ウィル・オスプレイ、そしてオカダカズチカが入団の新時代の始まりとも言えます。




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Okada Kazuchika has finally made his debut in the AEW ring, marking a surprising and exciting development for pro wrestling fans. His arrival promises to usher in a new wave of excitement in the global wrestling scene.


His debut on the day after New Japan Pro Wrestling’s founding anniversary adds an extra layer of significance to this moment.


Joining The Elite, with whom he had rivalries dating back to his days in NJPW, is a surprising twist that is sure to captivate fans.


Furthermore, there’s speculation about a potential tag team formation with Kenny Omega, who is currently inactive.


If this materializes, it would be a reunion of two wrestlers who have participated in epic battles in New Japan Pro Wrestling history, creating a dream scenario for fans.


With legends like Sting retiring from AEW and newcomers like Will Ospreay and Okada Kazuchika joining, it’s clear that a new era is dawning in the promotion.


Keep an eye on the movements of the Rainmaker Okada Kazuchika as he makes his mark on the global wrestling stage!