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【ALL TOGETHER】 切り札カード!内藤哲也vsジェイク・リー!!





ロスインゴ・ベルナブレス・デ・ハポン 内藤哲也と、グッド・ルッキング・ガイズ ジェイク・リーの頂上対決が決定しました。


舞台は、ALL TOGETHER 北海きたえーる 。













The highly anticipated showdown between Los Ingobernables de Japon’s Tetsuya Naito and the Good Looking Guy Jake Lee is set to happen, sooner than expected.


The stage is set at the Hokkai Kitae-ru Arena. Will this event be a success following the previous tournament?


It’s hard to tell, but it’s happening in the ALL TOGETHER ring.


There’s a sense of urgency from the Japan Pro Wrestling Federation in announcing this match over a month ago.


Despite gathering the promising new generation, they failed to fill the Nippon Budokan with over 5,000 attendees.


If this ace card doesn’t draw a full house, it could mark a turning point in inter-promotional matches.

Even if they push the younger talents, just like they did with Keiji Mutoh, Hiroshi Tanahashi, or Tetsuya Naito in their prime, it’s hard to get everyone on board, especially for created heroes, particularly among pro wrestling fans.


The opponent for Jake Lee is determined quite early, isn’t it? Just a pervy guy… 


As for DDT, they’ve differentiated themselves from the majors, which should have boosted their popularity, so they shouldn’t need to lean towards that side, but what do you think?


Returning to the main topic, before the showdown between Naito and Jake, I expect there will be several preliminary matches. Let’s enjoy the buildup without rushing, shall we?