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キン肉マン アニメ


遂に待ちに待ったキン肉マン 完璧超人始祖編放映の具体的な日時が判明しました。


今夏7月 TBSで日曜日23時半から放映です!


情熱大陸 葉加瀬太郎のテーマ曲を聴いた後に(笑)キン肉マンのアニメを見るという黄金タイム。



アニメを見たすぐ後に、週プレweb連載が更新されて、”時間超人編” の続きが読めるんです!






in English

Exciting news! The specific date and time for the long-awaited airing of “Kinnikuman: The Perfect Origin Arc” anime have finally been revealed.


Starting this summer in July, the anime will be broadcasted on TBS every Sunday at 11:30 PM!


It’s the golden time slot following the theme song of “Jounetsu Tairiku” by Taaro Hakase.


But that’s not all! The excitement doesn’t stop there. Right after watching the anime, you can catch the weekly updates of the “Jikan Chojin Arc” in the Weekly Playboy web series!


This is incredible! The intensity of the Superhuman Power is going to skyrocket!


After 18 years, the opportunity to watch a new Kinnikuman anime is something we simply can’t miss—even if it means getting a new TV for our home!