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【仮面ライダーBLACK SUN】感想 完全体BLACK SUN 爆誕! 大幹部と激突!!












しかし、5話で、ビルゲニアに対し憤怒の怒りを見せた南光太郎が遂に、あのグローブをギシギシ言わせながらの “変身!!” を見た時は鳥肌モンです!


正直、BLACK SUNを見てきて、最もテンション上がったシーンです!




6話では、三神官であるダロム・バロオム・ビシュムとBLACK SUNとSHADOW MOONとのバトルシーンあり。







そして、仮面ライダーBLACK SUNは中盤から終盤へ・・・キングストーンの行方、遂に創生王と再び対峙したBLACK SUNは50年の因縁に決着を付けるのか!?


in English

Transformation of BLACK SUN

The first few episodes served as a prologue, clearly delineating the differences and conflicts between humans and monsters.

The demonstrations against monster extermination were abundant, almost to the point of being predictable, but around episode four, the real battle between Golgom and Black Sun, along with Shadow Moon, began.


The introduction of the key character, Izumi Aoi, in the first episode was shockingly impactful.


Initially, Black Sun appeared to be a black grasshopper, but I was surprised to learn that it wasn’t in its complete form and had another stage of transformation (molting?) prepared.


However, when Koutarou Minami, in a fit of rage against Bilgenia, finally exclaimed “Henshin!!” while tightening his gloves in episode five, it sent shivers down my spine.


It was the most thrilling moment I’ve experienced watching BLACK SUN so far.


We can expect to see Shadow Moon also undergo a complete transformation in a significant scene.

Episode six featured a battle scene between the three priests, Darom, Baroom, and Bishum, and Black Sun and Shadow Moon.


Given that Shadow Moon was a candidate for the next King of Creation, their confrontation carries a deep emotional weight.


The alliance between Akizuki Nobuhiko and Koutarou Minami, conspiring with Golgom (Party), and sparking a rebellion as the anti-Golgom forces, brings a new twist to the story.


As we progress from the middle to the end, the fate of the Kingstone and the culmination of the long-standing feud with the King of Creation await BLACK SUN.