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タイチがYouTubeで呟いた “あのベルトへの挑戦” の可能性!?



2.24きたえーるで、宿敵 鷹木信悟に勝利し、虎の子のYouTubeチャンネルを死守したタイチ。



そして、試合直後にアップした動画で、タイチが視聴者に感謝をしつつ、”あるシーンの呟き” が気になりました。




明言こそしてないものの、現在 内藤哲也が保持するIWGP世界ヘビー級王座しかないでしょう。













in English

On February 24th at Kizuna Road, Taichi secured victory against his arch-rival Shingo Takagi, successfully defending his cherished YouTube channel.


Their match was of a high caliber, intense, and the backstage interactions were always worth watching.


Following the match, in a video uploaded shortly after, Taichi expressed gratitude to viewers, but it was his murmurs about a certain scene that caught attention.


Having defeated Shingo Takagi and previously triumphed over Will Ospreay, Taichi hinted at a challenge for that belt.


While not explicitly stated, the only logical conclusion would be a challenge for the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship currently held by Tetsuya Naito.


Fans are well aware of his credentials for a challenge, having not only defeated Shingo but also engaging in thrilling battles like the nail-biting match against Tomohiro Ishii in the G1 Climax.


His matches in KOPW against SHO and the memorable encounter with Kanemaru also showcased his prowess, not to mention the intense confrontations during rule negotiations.


While winning the New Japan Cup would solidify his position, even if he falls short, many fans would still love to see Taichi’s challenging spirit.


Whether Taichi will make a move to seize the IWGP title to showcase a new landscape in New Japan Pro Wrestling is something to keep a close eye on!