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それだけに、内藤哲也対辻陽太の IWGPタイトルマッチは決定しましたが、その後のつもりでいってほしかった。


あるいは、何度も戴冠しているNEVERより、NJPW WORLD TV王座を照準してもよかったのでは。













in English

EVIL has snatched the NEVER Openweight Championship from Tama Tonga, leaving it tainted and darkened. In response to EVIL’s brazen actions, Shingo Takagi has declared war by challenging for the NEVER title.


With a sense of personal attachment to the title he has worked hard to elevate, and seeking revenge for his defeat at NJC, Takagi voices his dissatisfaction, stating, “I won’t stay silent while he tarnishes the NEVER title I hold dear.


Nobody wants a title like that. So, EVIL, don’t you dare run away. I’ll reclaim it and give it a clean, shiny makeover!”


However, it remains a mystery and disappointment as to why Takagi is pursuing this championship again. Fans of NJPW and Takagi supporters are unlikely to believe that Takagi is inferior to EVIL in terms of skill.


It would have been preferable for Takagi to have different plans following the IWGP title match between Tetsuya Naito and Yota Tsuji. Alternatively, he could have aimed for the NJPW WORLD TV Championship instead of repeatedly pursuing the NEVER title.


Given Takagi’s explosive style, he is likely to deliver a high-energy match against Matt Riddle, showcasing his quick reflexes.


While a match against EVIL or H.O.T may seem predictable, there is still room for reconsideration within New Japan Pro-Wrestling.


Nevertheless, it is expected that Rampage Dragon will bring forth new developments.


Takagi’s frustration is understandable; he cannot simply stand by when the title he has poured his heart into is treated in such a manner.


In the past, during the nWo era, wrestlers like Masahiro Chono and Keiji Mutoh spray-painted the IWGP Tag Team Championship belts black, but even then, they didn’t darken them to such an extent.


With matches against Naito and a yet-to-be-realized showdown with SANADA, Takagi’s future battles are something to keep a close eye on.