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YOH vs SHO最高の舞台

自称歴代で1番偉大な IWGPジュニア王者 SHOの刺客 金丸義信を退けたYOH。



元相棒SHOにシングル戴冠を先にいかれるも、ようやく3K同士で、最高の舞台 IWGPジュニアタイトルマッチが4.6両国国技館で行われます。




YOHは SHOに裏切られ、復活を期した時 “SHOくん、ケンカしようぜ” と言いましたが、その時はノンタイトルでした。

今回は、”すげえケンカしようぜ” と話し、 IWGPジュニアタイトルマッチになりました。




in English

The showdown between SHO and YOH in New Japan Pro-Wrestling has become a highly anticipated match for fans.


With SHO proclaiming himself as the greatest IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion of all time, and YOH defeating his former partner, tensions between the two have reached a boiling point.


YOH, putting his dreams on the line, challenged SHO to a fierce battle for the IWGP Junior title, intensifying the rivalry.


Their provocative exchange has only fueled the fans’ interest.


Finally, the former members of 3K will clash in the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title match, set to take place at Ryogoku Kokugikan on April 6th.


This matchup is a dream come true for fans, as the past conflicts and animosity between the two will now explode on the championship stage.


The upcoming match at Ryogoku Kokugikan on April 6th will undoubtedly be the center of attention.


Fans eagerly await to see how the altercation between the two will unfold on the grandest stage, making it a highly anticipated moment in professional wrestling.