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去り際のSTARDOM 林下詩美,MIRAIら3月末で退団!!










そして、貴婦人 桜井まいと新人の弓月の4人の退団がリリースされます。















in English

Julia and four other wrestlers have announced their departure from Stardom.


Personally, I felt it was fewer departures than expected.


Utami Hayashita, who held the top World of Stardom Championship (Red Belt) and won the Tokyo Sports Women’s Pro Wrestling Grand Prize, is among those leaving.


The correct path is uncertain, and there are no definitive answers. I have made many choices in the past without regrets. This time too, I believe it is important to make efforts to feel that this path was the right one.


I will take responsibility for my choices and never forget to be grateful to everyone who supports me.


I will continue to pursue my path with all my soul.


MIRAI, a key player who won the Cinderella Tournament consecutively and also held the white belt, is also leaving. Additionally, the departure of Kurisaka Sakurai, Mai, and the newcomer Yuzuki has been announced.


In general society, whether it’s amicable or not, leaving a job or changing careers is natural for reasons like interpersonal relationships or skill enhancement.


However, for fans, it’s complicated to see players who were so close, like Utami Hayashita and Saya Kamitani of Aphrodite, part ways.


Still, even if there was stability, I believe it takes determination to leave if one cannot be satisfied or wants to show and discover a new self.


The specifics may not be known until after March 31st. Julia and Hayashita’s paths may diverge.

Nonetheless, in the world of professional wrestling, there will inevitably be crossover at some point, as history has shown (except for some cases).


As the departing wrestlers have only a few matches left, it will be interesting to see what they show and leave behind at Stardom before their departure.