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暗闇に輝く黒虎 スターライトキッドがまさかの大江戸隊追放となりました。
























Starlight Kid has been unexpectedly expelled from Oedo Tai, leaving her in a state of uncertainty.


Amid facing repercussions, Tam Nakano stepped in to offer assistance. Despite being approached to join Cosmic Angels, Kid is keeping her answer on hold due to the suddenness of the proposal.


However, as she continues to face sanctions, following Tam’s lead, she finds herself alongside STARS’ leader, Mayu Iwatani, the current IWGP Women’s Champion!


Feeling completely adrift, I can understand that all too well.


The struggle to let go, The inability to make an immediate decision, Feelings of liking, sadness, anger, apologies, and frustration, All jumbled up and seemingly insurmountable.


Take your time, And grasp the brightest hand for you, Kid.


Even now, as she contemplates recruitment, her thoughts remain unsteady, and thus, she maintains her reservation.


Nevertheless, realizing the limitations of going it alone, she acknowledges the likelihood of joining some unit. Joining Cosmic Angels at this juncture could significantly widen the collective strength gap with other units.


With Tam Nakano, Saori Anou, and Natsupoi already established members, Kid’s addition would not only dominate discussions but also potentially lead to someone else’s departure.


Comparing Tam, Anou, and Natsupoi to small dogs (laughs), it creates a unit dynamic akin to Chikawa, Hachiware, and Rabbits (Natsupoi), overwhelming in its unity.


I’d like to see her team up with Mayu Iwatani, often referred to as sisters, but personally, I feel her joining a unit with a “Q” attached to it, now that the former leader has departed, would not only enhance her individual prowess but also elevate the team’s strength.


Ultimately, the question remains: which unit will Starlight Kid choose to shine even brighter with?


The anticipation for her decision is palpable!