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WWEが “WRESTLE MANIA XL” に向けてとんでもないことになってます。


4月6&7日の二日間にわたって開催するレッスルマニア XL(40)




WMに向けて、最大の主役と言える統一世界王者 ローマン・レインズとブラッドライン。











in English

The WWE is gearing up for something extraordinary as WrestleMania XL approaches.


Scheduled over two days on April 6th and 7th, WrestleMania XL (40) is not only the biggest event in WWE but also the grandest spectacle in professional wrestling worldwide.


Heading into WM, the spotlight is on the Unified World Champion Roman Reigns and his challenger, Cody!


Adding to the intrigue, Reigns’ cousin and wrestling legend, The Rock, has made a stunning return to join forces with him.


With over 1300 days as reigning champion, this alliance between the top star and the longest-reigning champion promises an electrifying showdown.


The scene of The Rock joining Reigns’ faction in the ending of SmackDown was absolutely spine-tingling!


The anticipation for WrestleMania XL is sky-high, and the possibilities seem endless!


But what about Cody and Rollins, who are likely to face off against them?


Will they be able to handle the pressure? It’s a question that has fans on the edge of their seats!