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4.6 両国国技館 IWGP世界ヘビー級タイトルマッチ。












そして、30分を超える激闘を制したのは、1度目の対戦では出さなかった”デスティーノ” で辻陽太を跳ね返しました(34分26秒)





そして、次期挑戦者にAEWの狂犬 ジョン・モクスリーが名乗りを上げ、シカゴでの次期防衛戦が決定的になりました。








“In the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship match at Ryogoku Kokugikan on April 6th, Tetsuya Naito faced Yota Tsuji in their second singles match, which was realized in an unparalleled situation.


It was a clash within the Los Ingobernables de Japon faction, with Tsuji being described by Naito himself as someone who embodies his own philosophy. Moreover, with Tsuji aiming to revitalize the IWGP Heavyweight division, it became a match between two uncontrollable forces, making it an exceptional title bout.


Prior to the match, Shingo Takagi predicted a 7-3 advantage for Tsuji considering his condition and momentum. Takagi, carrying the pride of winning the NJC and pushing forward the new generation, aggressively targeted Naito.


However, despite Takagi’s efforts, Naito, driven by his desire to elevate LIJ to greater heights in the faction warfare, refused to be defeated.


In a grueling battle that surpassed the 30-minute mark, Naito emerged victorious, using the ‘Destino’ which he didn’t employ in their first encounter, to overcome Tsuji (at 34 minutes and 26 seconds).


In a match lasting over 34 minutes, Naito successfully defended his IWGP World Heavyweight Championship, overcoming Tsuji’s fierce onslaught with the ‘Destino’ and achieving his second consecutive title defense.


After the match, Jon Moxley appeared, setting up a title match for April 12th in Chicago!


Had Tsuji emerged victorious, it would have not only reshuffled the hierarchy within Los Ingobernables de Japon but also potentially had a significant impact on the wrestling world.


However, Naito, after withstanding Tsuji’s challenge, emerged victorious, and fans are eager to witness the charismatic champion’s unyielding defense.


AEW’s Jon Moxley has stepped up as the next challenger, with the timing seemingly calculated along with the assistance of his protege, Shohei Umino.


When Naito hurled the IWGP Heavyweight Championship into the air, reminiscent of that fateful day eight years ago, many were left astonished, perhaps even reminiscent of Tsuji’s former self.


And on this day, once again, the uncontrollable charisma threw the golden IWGP World Heavyweight Championship belt towards the rafters of Ryogoku.”