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プロレス週間 『WRESTLE KINGDOM WEEK』が2025年に実現!!



新日本プロレスとスターダムの強連携で2025年に “WRESTLE KINGDOM WEEK” いわゆる「プロレス週間」が開催されます!




イッテンヨンの前後に水道橋に行くと、イッテンヨン プロレスの盛り上がりが分かりますが、更に磁場を拡大しての開催だけに、これを機にどんどんプロレスファンが増えてほしいです。





新日本プロレスとスターダムはより強固なリレーションシップを構築し、2024年11月17日再びの合同大会「Historic X-over 2」が決定!

更にNJPW×AEWの闘う者同士ではあるものの、よりよい協調関係を築いたことで1月5日に本場AEWの大挙来日が決定し「WRESTLE DYNASTY」開催(CMLLややROHらも参戦)




In 2025, a “WRESTLE KINGDOM WEEK,” or what we might call “Pro Wrestling Week,” will be held through a strong collaboration between New Japan Pro Wrestling and Stardom!


Taking a cue from WWE’s WrestleMania Week, which should be embraced beyond just wrestling.


The excitement around the upcoming January 4th show at the Tokyo Dome and the event on the preceding day at the Korakuen Hall reflects the magnetic draw of the wrestling world in Jimbocho.


Towards the end of the year, the announcement of ‘WRESTLE KINGDOM WEEK’!


A joint new wrestling festival on January 2nd! On January 3rd, New Japan will host a major event at the Tokyo Dome, while Stardom will hold theirs at the Tokyo Garden Theater!


They also reported on the organization of the IWGP Executive Committee! [7.3 press conference] https://t.co/SxzZUqDh83 #njwk19 #njWD #STARDOM pic.twitter.com/dJmoR15HMD


It starts with Stardom Ryogoku Kokugikan on December 29, 2024, with a big surprise across January 2nd to 5th!


Looking forward to the NJPW typhoon accelerating from midsummer’s G1!!