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2025年イッテンゴも新日本プロレス×AEW “プロレスの日”!!





米国 WWEに次ぐ大手団体 AEWが遂に日本に初上陸。










今回の『WRESTLE DYNASTY』90年代の新日本×WCWで行われたスターケード in 闘強導夢のような感覚でしょうか。




Kitakitakitaki! A big surprise that makes you want to shout, even if you’re not Shingo Takagi!!


AEW, the major wrestling promotion second only to WWE in the USA, finally makes its debut in Japan.


And not only that, they will co-promote with New Japan Pro-Wrestling at the Tokyo Dome on January 5th, following Wrestle Kingdom the day before? It’s an unparalleled grand stage!


[Breaking News!] Next year’s Tokyo Dome will feature a “2-night” event!


AEW leads the charge, alongside ROH, CMLL, and STARDOM gathering together!

January 5, 2025 (Sunday), ‘WRESTLE DYNASTY’ Tokyo Dome event confirmed!! [link] #njWD #njwk19

— New Japan Pro-Wrestling Co., Ltd. (@njpw1972) July 1, 2024


I thought New Japan Pro-Wrestling had decided against consecutive Tokyo Dome shows due to the high risks involved, but with this massive announcement, they’re back in action right away.


At Wrestle Kingdom 1.5, we want not only Will Ospreay and Jay White, but also unknown AEW powerhouses that Japanese fans have never seen before to join us.


However, the match-ups for 1.4 must be extraordinary; otherwise, they might lose the audience to 1.5 or even split it, which surely puts tremendous pressure on NJPW.


Given that casual inter-promotional matches fail to draw crowds, as proven time and again, careful consideration is essential.


[Forbidden Door] Joint event “Wrestle Dynasty” to be held at Tokyo Dome on January 5 next year – AEW makes its Japan debut in 5 and a half years since its founding | Tokyo Sports WEB [link] #forbiddendoor


— Tokyo Sports Pro Wrestling and Combat Sports (@tospo_battle) July 1, 2024


This ‘WRESTLE DYNASTY’ feels like the Starcade in Tokonoho Yuumei of the 1990s New Japan × WCW matchup.


In any case, with January 4th and 5th falling on a weekend in 2025, it looks like the best New Year’s gift for pro wrestling fans!!