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天才 武藤敬司の一言

1.2有明アリーナ 丸藤正道vs飯伏幸太の試合終了後、感想を求められた武藤敬司のコメントが印象的でした。








とにかく、何か、見てる? 見合う時間が多い試合だなと思ったし、会場の盛り上がりで分かりますね。











in English

After the match between Marufuji Masato and Iwashi Ibushi at the 1.2 Ariake Arena, Keiji Mutoh’s comment was quite striking.


He remarked, “Marufuji did his best in various ways…” This comment struck me as profound.


I watched the entire match on ABEMA, and it was truly remarkable.


While it may not fit the traditional definition of a classic, the match had many moments of intense engagement.

The atmosphere in the arena was palpable.


Following the match, Jake Lee and Kiyomiya Kaito appeared beside Ibushi, who was injured and struggling to move.


Jake Lee made a declaration for the year 2024, stating, “Today, I want to applaud the two individuals who truly decorated the main event.


They put on a match with a rhythm akin to an ultralight heavyweight.


In 2024, I may have started from the second match, but let me make it clear once again: I will take control here!”


It was initially assumed that Lee or Kaito would challenge Ibushi, but instead, Ibushi and the two wrestlers exchanged glances before Ibushi left the ring.


Lee and Kaito then closed the event in succession, leaving the audience puzzled about their intentions.

Even Weekly Pro’s Inoue journalist admitted to being perplexed by the enigmatic situation. Regardless, with Go Shiozaki’s rallying cry and Jake Lee’s renewed declaration to take control, the Ariake event showcased various intriguing developments.


This year, once again, NOAH promises to keep us captivated!