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ZERO1 23周年記念 3.3後楽園ホール大会。






何故、NOAH退団して、ゼロワンに主戦場を移したのか? 吉岡世紀がメインで二冠王に戴冠!


武藤敬司が橋本真也を語る時 ”よくあんなに人のこと蹴れるよな!” って言いますが、吉岡もいやいやどうして、馬場を蹴りまくってました!







ヒロムは勝利していたら、現在長期欠場中の “大谷晋二郎との試合実現” を神龍(クリスタルボール)に願うつもりだったと話します。






それでも、それでも “神龍よ、願いを叶えたまえ!” です。




エンディングの “3・2・1ZERO1!! ” は会場が一体となりました。


in English

The match between Hiromu Takahashi and Ryo Hoshino took an unexpected turn when Hoshi failed to return to the ring after launching an aerial attack on Takahashi outside the ring, prompting his corner to throw in the towel around the 12-count mark.


The event took place at the ZERO1 23rd Anniversary Memorial on March 3rd at Korakuen Hall.


While it’s unclear whether it was a match from Tochigi Pro Wrestling or ZERO1, there were highlights such as the intense showdown between Deputy President Fujisawa and GM Ishikawa, and heartwarming moments like the cheers of children during the tag team title match.


The reason behind Takahashi’s departure from NOAH to become a mainstay in ZERO1 remains unclear.


Meanwhile, “Yoshioka” Seki became the double champion in the main event.


Just as Keiji Mutoh often remarks on Shinya Hashimoto’s ability to kick people, Yoshioka also followed suit by delivering a barrage of kicks, reminiscent of Giant Baba’s style.


However, the main attraction of the evening was undoubtedly the entrance of Hiromu Takahashi.


Fans near and far proudly waved his towel and tossed streamers in support.


This match, like many in professional wrestling, showcased the unpredictable and sometimes frightening aspects of the sport.


Takahashi had hoped to fulfill his dream match against Shinjiro otani during his current extended hiatus from the ring.

Shinjiro otani, a senior figure in New Japan Pro-Wrestling who helped define the junior division, represents perhaps the most challenging wish on Takahashi’s list of desires.


Nevertheless, the cry of “Dragon, grant my wish!” persists.


The rematch between Hiromu Takahashi and Ryo Hoshino might only be understood by the Dragon himself.


As the event concluded with the chant “3, 2, 1, ZERO1!” the arena roared in unison.