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BULLET CLUB WAR DOGS とユナイテッドエンパイアの最終決着戦は金網サバイバルノーDQデスマッチの完全決着戦となりました。




しかし、BC WAR DOGSの方が圧倒的に有利と思われます。










更に、5人のメンバーには入っていませんが、帝国にはドミネーター グレート-O-カーンもいるだけに心強いです。





最後は、BC WARDOGSリーダーフィンレーが、ユナイテッド・エンパイア リーダー格のウィル・オスプレイにオーバーキルでフィナーレ!





in English

5 vs 5 Osaka Cage Match

The final showdown between BULLET CLUB WAR DOGS and UNITED EMPIRE has become a complete resolution in a steel mesh Survival No-DQ Death Match.


Indeed, it feels like a fierce battle to determine the survival of these two units.


However, BC WAR DOGS seem to have a significant advantage.


Since the conflict erupted on January 5th and subsequent clashes, BC has been dominating, showcasing their ruthless teamwork without fear.


On the other hand, despite the addition of Will Ospreay, there seem to be concerns about teamwork within the Empire.


And as Ospreay departs, BC will spare no effort to crush him by any means necessary.


However, in terms of individual abilities and the bond they share, the Empire won’t be easily defeated, and they are determined to carry on even after Ospreay’s departure.


Furthermore, while not part of the five-man team, having the Dominator Great-O-Khan in the Empire’s corner is reassuring.


The Dog Pound Cage Match, in which both units gave their all, turned into an epic battle lasting 64 minutes and 5 seconds!?


However, it appears that WAR DOGS excel in chaotic situations, as they isolate Ospreay completely in the final stages.


In the end, BC WAR DOGS leader Finlay delivers the final blow to United Empire’s leader figure Will Ospreay with an overkill!


Previously paying respects to Japanese legends like Hayabusa and Mitsuharu Misawa, it’s clear that Ospreay holds deep respect for Japanese wrestling heritage.


Finally, Ospreay promises to reunite with the fans someday in the future!