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“鷹木ちゃんねる” は視聴してるし、閉鎖は望んでいませんが、スタッフが辻の自宅訪問 後編を打診したとき、勝つから問題なし!と言っていただけに・・・


ドラゴンスランプの状況で、New JAPAN CUP2024の1回戦カードが決定。


ヒートストーム 上村優也に負ける様なことがあれば辰年の今年は鷹木信悟の年!と言ってられないほどの不調です。



NJC注目カード 鷹木対上村戦はどちらがロケットスタートで飛び出すのか?




in English

Since the beginning of 2024, there has been a string of losses for the lively Dragon, Shingo Takagi, in singles matches. Additionally, Tama Tonga, who had resolved to leave, lost the NEVER title at the Tokyo Dome.


In the United States, he suffered defeat against John Moxley, whom he had eagerly sought to face.

Furthermore, he faced defeat against Taichi in Sapporo, even putting their respective YouTube channels on the line.


Despite maintaining his usual energetic demeanor, reminiscent of YOH and SANADA, it could be termed a Dragon’s slump.


There’s a lingering doubt whether it was necessary to wager their accounts against each other.


It might have felt less incongruous if the loser’s consequence was a guest appearance on the opponent’s channel from the outset.


While I continue to watch “Takagi Channel” and don’t wish for its closure, it’s disheartening considering the assurance that winning would mean no issues, as conveyed when the staff proposed a follow-up at Tsuji’s home.


In the midst of this Dragon’s slump, the card for the 2024 New Japan Cup first round has been announced.


If he were to lose to Yuuya Uemura like he did to Heat Storm, it would be difficult to maintain optimism for Shingo Takagi’s year in the Year of the Dragon.


However, with nothing to lose now against Uemura, a victory could see him swiftly rise like a dragon ascending!


The anticipated match between Takagi and Uemura in the NJC promises an explosive start for one of them.


“Is there a place to settle down?” Well, we don’t need that just yet! Let’s hear him roar, “Not yet ready for that!”